The network follows the objectives:

  • Promote collaborative research among the involved institutions.

  • Develop continious training programs, develop and manage the EIP educational platform.

  • Building an International Academic Network.

  • Organize International Seminars and Workshops.

  • Promote Policy Dialogues and Recommendations.

  • International Academic Cooperation and Assistance.

  • Improve the production systems towards a sustainable and resilient agriculture and ecologically safe, obtain health products of higher quality, contribute to food security generating income through the access to markets and improve working conditions of producers and their families, optimizing natural and agricultural resources.to learn and share knowledge in good agricultural practices and related topics.

Institutional network

Instituto Agrario Bolivia - AGRARIO

IAK Agrar Consulting GmbH -


Crop Sciences, Menoufia University - Egypt

Universidad Nacional Agraria Mangua (UNA) –

Managua, Nicaragua 

Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UN) -

Bogota, Colombia

La Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) – Chile 

Southwest Green Development Academy - Southwest Forestry University -  China

Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas - Chiapas, México

Universidad y Centro de Investigación Wageningen- Netherlands

International Plant Nutrition Institute -USA

PINDÓ S.A. Puerto Esperanza


Instituto Nacional de Ciências Agrícolas - (INCA)

La Habana-Cuba

Universidad EARTH,

San José -Costa Rica

The University of Agriculture, Peshawa - Pakistan

Sanger Institute - United Kingdom

Branchbuch Deutschland – Tützpatz, Germany

Mbarara University of Science and Technology – Uganda

University of Helsinki – Finlandia

Imo State University – Nigeria

Université de Liège - Belgium

Agricultural Faculty of the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés.

La Paz, Bolivia (UMSA)

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität - Bonn, Germany

In process: lnstitute for Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics (ITT) - Köln, Germany

ETW Energietechnikt - Germany


Dirección de investigación ciencia y tecnología (DICyT) - Universidad Mayor de San Simón.

La Paz, Bolivia (UMSS)

Our International experts

Prof. (em.) Dr. Marc J. J. Janssens

Professor at the Bonn University, INRES-Tropical crops.   Specialist on breeding of tropical crops and Farming systems. Large experiences in Tropical and Subtropical Countries. Special interest in the potential area of co-operation for Sustainability in Rural Environments.

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pohlan

International Senior Consultant and former Professor in Tropical Agriculture at
the University of Bonn, Germany, and visiting Professor at several universities
in the tropical world. Special experiences and interests in Best Agricultural
Practices in perennial and annual farming systems including the adaptation on
climate change, the resilience evaluation of agricultural systems and the
conversion of traditional coffee, cocoa and horticultural crops into higher value
crops, the intensification of organic farming systems and application of
environmentally sound techniques.

Prof. Dr. Juan Carlos Torrico Albino

Director of the Institute AGRARIO Bolivia. Senior researcher and international lecturer in several universities. Expert in development, implementation and evaluation of food security strategies and policies. Optimization and evaluation of agricultural systems. Adaptation of agricultural systems to climate change.

Dr. Deng Zhixin

Director of Center for Green Industry Research, Southwest Green Development Academy in Southwest Forestry University: Social & Environmental Risk Management based on the nature of industry along Global Value Chain toward sustainable development, especially in China & tropical regions like Africa & SEA

Dr. Dennis Salazar

Profesor at the Universidad Nacional Agraria - Managua Nicaragua. Decan of the Universidad Nacional Agraria. Specialist in BPA Cacao.

Dr. Kathrin Dalitz

Is a project manager with an M.A. in development studies. She is specialized in sustainable agriculture, adaptation of agriculture to climate change, irrigated agriculture, urban agriculture, rural development, value chain development, project management, monitoring & evaluation, project identification, design & implementation of training courses as well as participatory planning.

Dr. Agr. Juan Carlos Barrientos

Associate Professor of the Department of Rural Development of the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences since 2005. He is an agronomist of the UMSS (Cochabamba, Bolivia) with a Master's degree in Agricultural Sciences and resource management in the tropics and sub-tropics, and a PhD in Agricultural Sciences with emphasis on agrarian socio-economics at the Bonn University, Germany.

Jüergen Piechaczek

- PhD in Agriculture at University of Bonn in the DAPA project with CIAT, Cali Colombia

- Coffee Roaster with Direct Trade background - direct work with coffee farmers in the tropics

- Q - grader, member of Cup of Excellence Juries

Dra. Maria Mercedes Martinez

Microbiologist, Master in Soil Microbiology, Specialist in Integrated Management of the Environment and PhD in Agricultural Sciences with specialization in soil and organic fertilizers quality indicators. Researcher of the research group in Soil, Plant, Water and Environment -GIPSPA of the Federico Santa Maria University (Chile), International Consultant and Professor in Post-Graduate Programs: Microbiology and Agro-industrial Management, in the area of Use of Organic Agro-industrial Residues, Use and Production of Microbial Inoculants for Agriculture, Soil Health and Food Safety from Agricultural Practices until post-harvest process.

Dr. Lu Chen

PhD. at the Department for Economic Sociology, Food and Economic Resources Institute, University of Bonn.

Professional specialty:

Comprehensive rural community development with the consideration of economic, environmental and social benefits. Value chain analysis of coffee and tea in terms of plantation, post-harvest process, quality management and marketing International certification of agricultural products and related quality standards.

Dr. Oliver Jende

PhD in Agricultural Sciences, at the University of Bonn, specialized in biomass- and carbon stock management in tropical agro ecological systems. Since 2008 he works in the Biogas business, to develop sustainable projects for the energy (bio fuel) use of agricultural biomass and industrial bio waste in different Latin American countries. Senior consultant by PROBIOGAS,  GIZ. Since 2016 sales manager for Biogas upgrading plants at ETW Energietechnik in Europe and abroad. Co-founder of the ABBM, first Brazilian biogas and methane association and passionate landscaper

Dr. Mahmoud Fathy Seleiman

Doctor of science (DSc) in agricultural sciences (Plant Production Biology), University of Helsinki. Lecturer of crop sciences (Plant Production) at Department of Crop Sciences, Menoufia University, Egypt. His research interests include field crop production, plant nutrition, bioenergy crops, sewage sludge, soil fertility, waste management and sustainable of agriculture. In addition, legumes, cereal, oil crops, fibre crops, sugar crops, forage crops, rotations, crop mixtures, drought, salinity, climate change and crop quality.

Dr. Rodrigo Ortega Blu

Dr. Francisco Marroquín

Dr. Dennis Sonwa

Dr. Sandra Guimaraes Callado

Dr. Rafael Alejandro Scherer

Dr. Angel Leyva Galan

Dr. Raul Relova

Dr. Thomas Oberthür

Dr. Peter Läderach

Dr. Luis Pocasangre

Dr. Wolfgang Heidel

Dr. Mohammad Akmal

Dr. Valens Mulindabigwi

Dr. Anke Weisheit

Prof. Guy Mergeai

Dr. Hilary A. Okorie

M.Sc. Sandra Avendaño

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